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I finally managed to drag myself out on a Monday night to visit the new incarnation of Axis of Evil, Chapel Perilous, for B-town's annual Zombie Prom. It was a great event: all the musical performers did a terrific job, and the costumes were fabulous as usual. I think my favorite costumes were the highwayman zombie, the muppet-killer, the italian flapper, the multitude of Dr. Horribles and the very elegant trio of zombie grrls.

I went as Alice from Resident Evil - a costume brought to you by multiple Goodwill hunts, fabric ripping, frantic sewing and tape - and managed to win the muthuf***ing dance-off that decided the "best overall" (?) competition. Because damn, it was a muthuf***ing dance-off! If only the rest of my life could be decided so musically.

This f-list managed to represent too: [livejournal.com profile] ninja_turbo took away a well-deserved prize for his Dr. Horrible presentation (dude! Way to get pummeled by Captain Hammer!) and [livejournal.com profile] golconda2 won for best zombie. And Megan won the best laugh competition, meaning that I knew all the winners - pretty sweet, considering that I was initially apprehensive that I wouldn't know anybody at the new Chapel Perilous. I was pleasantly wrong.

Today: worky-workiness, followed by a bit of bellydancing. Tonight I'm going to try to make the Max Brooks lecture. Braaaaains.


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