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I don't know how I missed the online transcription of this journal of a Royal Navy Seaman, but I did. It's an interesting glimpse of shipboard life in 1798:

Friday 13th. At daylight Barbuda in sight, as Mr T got Tipsey last night. He was unable to keep his morning Watch, but sent word to the Officer that he was ill. Captain H knowing the true cause, ordered him up to the mast head.

Friday 13 July 1798 continued

        Mr. Taylor, the Masters Mate. during his intoxication last night in the middle watch went on the Quarter Deck, intirely naked. And at 10 PM the same evening, the Boatswain wife when all the Lights were out, came out of her Cabin with a large knife and her hand, and cut the head Clues of the Hammocks of Mis'rs Berkley, Taylor & Fitz.
        At 1 p.m. Fell in with La Concord, At 3 anchored in Basseterre Road. At 8 to Mr. Canes, the officer who had charge of the watch, was called into the cabin and there told by the Captain, to march out, and that he was an impertinent fellow for striking his Coxwain. Canes was releived; & confined to his Cabin
        At 7 AM. The Gunner complained to Captain of Mr. Tripes's conduct last night, he went to the Mast head at this hour, and remained there untill 4 PM without anything to eat, when he came down, he looked at me as if he wanted something, so I sent him a tumbler of Maderia, and a bit of roast Pork.


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