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Last night I dreamed that I was eavesdropping on Catherine the Great advising the Empress Joséphine on how to depose Napoleon and take the throne herself. I was very disappointed to wake and realize that historically, there's no way this could have happened.
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I woke up from a creepy dream in which I was either watching or in (isn't it strange how dreams work like that?) a TV show that appeared to be the bastard child of a threeway between Lost/The Kingdom and The Poseidon Adventure.

Episode 1 introduces a luxury liner in the North Sea. A mysterious Event  occurs --  a hurricane? A nuclear blast? -- and the ship is flipped upside down by a rogue wave. The survivors gather in the devastated grand ballroom. All they know is that they seem to be able to survive for the moment, as the ship, for some reason, isn't sinking. It quickly emerges that Something Strange is going on. All the survivors have secrets, and there's a Carnivàle-style circus troupe with a freak who gibbers prophecies. Also, something - a serial killer? a monster? - is stalking them in the dark.

The main pov character is a young woman haunted by visions of a blood-stained girl. Is it the ghost of her long-dead sister? A manifestation of her guilty conscience? Or a murderous alter-ego? The woman (who had, I gather, murdered someone in the past,) is trying to protect her living sister, a girl about the same age. There didn't *seem* to be any connection between the Live Sister and the Blood-stained Girl, but the circus freak seems aware of the Blood-stained Girl and is treating the woman as though she's someone very important.

In Episode 2 the woman strikes a bargain with the Carnivàle and begins to hunt the Mysterious Killer. With another passenger, she discovers a set of Coded Messages in the captain's cabin.

I made it as far as Episode 3, when a team of volunteers finally escapes the ship only to discover  that the nearby coastal town is deserted and the seas are patrolled by what I can only describe as Others on jet-skis. And then I woke up.

Clearly I need to rethink the pizza before bed-time plan. (Or not.)


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