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Realms of Fantasy's April "Dark Fantasy" issue just came out, and it includes stories by me and my CW classmate Randy Henderson. 

The entire issue has been getting very positive reviews. Over at Locus, Rich Horton declares it "a very strong issue.... Every story is good, and the definition of ‘‘dark’’ is loose enough to include a comic story, ‘‘The Strange Case of Madeline H. Marsh (Aged 14 ¼)’’ by Von Carr" (that's mine). Horton singles out Euan Harvey’s ‘‘By Shackle and Lash’’ and Lisa Goldstein's ‘Little Vampires’’ as must-reads.

At Adventures Fiction, Keith admits that he isn't a fan of feminist fairy tales such as Henderson's "A Witch's Heart" but thinks the story is "well written" and that he'd "probably read something else by this author."  He quite liked "Strange Case" and writes that "Other than the author not making the timeline clear," [oops] "this was a superior piece of fiction.  Humor is hard to do well, and Carr, a writer new to me, does it well." (Hurray!) Like Horton, Keith really liked Harvey's "By Shackle and Lash," and calls it his favourite of the issue.

I haven't finished reading the issue yet, so I can't comment as to my own favourite story, but the art & fiction I've seen so far is splendid, as always. Shawna and Doug have done beautiful work in what, last year, were some pretty disruptive circumstances.
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I submitted my first Clarion story tonight, and returned to the Real World to find Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett dead, as well as Jerri Nielson FitzGerald, the scientist who diagnosed and operated on her own breast cancer in Antarctica. It's given me plenty to think about, and no doubt I'll repost that Michael Jackson Billy jean video when I get a moment.

But I promised a Clarion update. And so I note that I picked a way-too-ambitious story project for week one because it happened to be the one I wanted to write. I think I'm already noticing a "Clarion improvement effect" in that for the first time in many years, I actually *plotted* the story. My usual thing is to just start with an image and keep going. I think (read: am hoping) the story structure is better as a result. Certainly, I predicted to my classmates around scene 1 that this would be a 6000 wd story, and it ended up clocking in at 5,995 words. Behold the miracle of plotting!
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....aaaand that's it for tonight. I need sleep. So I'll post more later.


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